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One of the many reasons for an unintentional and an immediate smile on the faces of people is travelling back to their homeland or meeting up with their family members. Any of such occasions are sure to entice people and to make it all the more thrilling and exciting, the aviation department has decided to aid more travelers and encourage them to take the flights at lower prices so that they need not have to hold their excitement for a longer time.
Asia being one of the most visited places in the whole world, has become a targeted spot or route by the aviation department wherein the number of people taking flights to reach their destinations is monstrously growing huge in numbers. Generally promoting low-cost carriers will definitely have a hard hit at the revenues of the department but executing such plans in places like Asia will definitely promise to maintain their profit levels because such plans will help the department in seeing more and more air passengers and even encourage the irregular air travelers to take the cheaper yet best flights for their trips.
These new and innovative plans of the aviation department have also helped the online services hit a never seen profit ratio. Generally most of the air travels are booked online and hence the reduction in travelling charges has increased the business of such service providers too.

Peach - A Revolution
Peach by the Nippon Airways was the first to be flown in the air at low costs promoting tourism. The great brains behind this air bird say that, the introduction and operation of this flight saw an enormous increase in the number of passengers and the readings of 2015 came out with an astonishing number of 4.5 million travelers. There can be no other award or reward to the entire team who have their hands behind this and is expected to continue the same to see more in future.
Peach is a Japanese brand and the engineers of this, believe that Japan is one of the best attractions in the whole of Asia and so the launch of such low-cost carriers will help many interested and eager people to visit this place, in turn enhancing and developing Japan tourism. It is also looked upon as a landmark in the Japanese history wherein the rapidly developing technology plays a major role in taking Japan’s name and fame to the travelers abroad.


Impact Of Low Cost Carriers On Online Booking Agencies
With the introduction of these low budget yet comfortable flights, the number of people who take the air route for all reasons have gone high. This has come as good news for the online ticket booking agencies with more and more enquiries and business. They say that a reduction in the air ticket costs have encouraged many people to travel abroad fulfilling their life- long dreams. A research was conducted amongst all these agencies to rank the most visited places. Astonishingly the first spot to top the list was Thailand, as always been. Now what is the role of travel agencies here in welcoming so many visitors to this place? Let`s take a look.

  • The first and foremost requisite would be reaching these many numbers on time, speak to them, get to know their requirements and estimate their expectations.
  • The next would be to establish tie-ups with as many numbers of hotels and airways as possible so that they are ready with options whenever there is an interested tourist on the other side of the call.
  • The next thing would be to target those tourists who are planning to visit the nearby places and allure them with the beauty and pleasures in Thailand so that they can deviate and extend their tour planner to visit the place before taking a flight back to their hometown.

With such a detailed working of the booking agencies, the aviation and tourism department is expected to see more and more passengers in the days to come.